Roaming around with my laptop.
Burning through crypto inv earnings to to build profitable products that can make this lifestyle sustainable for my future family and I.

Believer in a generalist(80%) approach to work and life.
Not great at anything but above average at many.
Combining them is my edge.

Worked in aerospace, VC, doughnuts, blockchain, fintech, APIs and marketplaces.
Dropped a career as a product manager to build dark matter.

I want to help build the future of adult lifelong learning.

Slow, quiet, simple life.
Love good food.

Detest rules, norms and immorality.
Value most: freedom.

(long version)

Born in Cyprus.
A little rebel -and huge pain in the ass-. High marks + low behaviour scores. Cared more about hobbies & athletics than academics.
Consumed by tech through PC magazines and video games and decided to study engineering.
Started bodybuilding. Never stopped.
Hated maths and physics until they clicked and then fell in love with them.
Skydiving license.
4 years at the Aerospace Eng dept of Imperial College London.
Discovered Design though the RCA and transitioned from science to eng design.
Traveled to Ghana for volunteering and stumbled on my human. Have been together ever since.

Bought my first motorcycle. Been riding ever since.
Interned at Airbus’ Future Projects. 10 year design cycles were hard to swallow so I abandoned Aerospace.
Was lost.

Started reading about startups. Dropped hardcore engineering for good, decided to break into digital tech.
Countless rejections.

Emailed Roberto at InReach Ventures, a VC fund in London. Offered to work for free. We had coffee. He gave me a job as an Analyst and -in retrospect- the opportunity of my life.

With time I realised I wanted something that combined tech, design and business. I thought that was utopia. He pointed me towards product.
It has since become my abs passion.

Moved to Berlin to join Neufund, a blockcahin startup tokenising equity. Was paid in BTC. It was 2016.
Back to London as a Technical Product Manager at Nexmo, a communications’ API company.
6 month traveling then moved to Singapore to join GRAB Deliveries as their youngest SPM.

Discovered freediving. Hooked ever since. Holding 2 NRs.

Absolutely loved my PM career yet took a pause at the beginning of 2021 to work on my own products while nomading around the world.

I owe everything to my family, my friends, colleagues, mentors, teachers and everybody that I shared this journey with.


the good life

The ultimate objective.
x Alain de Botton
x Epicurus
x Walt Disney
x Aristotle
x Naval Ravikant
x Ralph Waldo Emerson

x Jordan Peterson

  • philotimo
  • eudaemonia
  • authenticity
  • Kindness, goodness, truth
  • limted f*cks
  • balance
  • presence
  • wide open heart
  • quiet slow monastic life
Greek Ethos
Slow Movement
Virtue Theory

edtech & learning

Closest thing to a mission.

My biggest dream is to build the future of adult learning.

1- via dark matter (WIP)
2- via a life-skills school for the next gen of change makers

  • Huge believer in transdisciplinary education (generalists)
  • Super interested in game design x learning
  • Believer that edu is the most powerful tool we have to shape the future
Game Design
Instructional Design
Science of learning

product building

My meraki.
Product is my passion and Marketing is my love affair.
  • Design for human over user
  • Craftsmanship.Attention to Detail
  • Forgiveness > Approval
  • Peaceful Execution
  • Rich intimate delightful experiences Emotion-lead design
  • Principles first, Art second, People third
  • Decentralisation
  • Soft spot for design
  • Love typography

Technical + Analytics
Systems Design
Psychology & Behavioural Econ 


content & media creation


Media is eating the world.

Blogging and filming mini-documentaries.

  • Hoping to tell stories of people in tech, food and freediving scenes via mini-docs
  • Writing about product, the good life and adventures
  • Signal over noise


Whatever time I don’t spend in my little head I spend it at the gym, adventuring or hunting down food spots.
  • 20% city - 80% wild
  • Water Pokemon
  • Love cooking, love eating more
  • Vietnamese, iced drinks, cheese & caneles.
  • Collector of designer toys and boards
  • Recovering sneaker addict
  • Boosted and motorcycle rider

(61m 4’)


Family & Friends.
What’s most important and precious.
What makes everything possible and worth it.
  • Partner in life and biz with people you love, respect and trust
  • Quality over Quantity


Passionate about education & learning and building deep soulful products.

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